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Have Fun! Happy Wiki-ing!

Put your stuff down here…

  • Bullet level 1
  • Second Bullet level 1
    • Bullet level 2
      • Bullet level 3

So There

So There, too.

red text green text normal text

 space before the first character in this sentence makes it ugly

indentation code before the first character is way nicer

Racine Arts Council’‘’

That has bolding markup at the end, but is missing it from the beginning.

Level Two Heading

Level Two Heading with extra “bold” markup

The extra “bold” markup doesn’t do anything to a heading, since a heading is already bold.

You can make it bigger, though:

Level Two Heading plus “bigger” markup

Just plain bold:
The mission of the Racine Arts Council is to promote art and culture in the community

[[Page link?]] has too many brackets
Page Link? this is how it’s done

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